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Innovation – case study #1

Business challenge

Private label retail brand experiencing flat year-over-year growth despite category growing double digits

Our role:

Brand strategist

What we delivered

Category Analysis

Product line analysis  including category competitors, positioning, value proposition, consumption, pricing and promotion 

Product Line Restage

Defined opportunity to restage existing items to capitalize on desirable attributes and developed new packaging labels to improve benefit communication

Pricing & Promotion

Created new pricing structure and promotional plan to capture greater profits by aligning dosage pricing to market pricing


New (re-staged) product line drove significant growth and increased market share

Innovation – case study #2

Business challenge

PE-owned consumer products company experiencing declining sales and profit.  

Our role:

Innovation lead

What we delivered

New Product Innovation 

  • Developed new product line-up including concept, naming and labeling

  • Created 3-year volume forecast model

  • Designed marketing strategy and tactical plan to support launch

Stage Gate Preparation

  • Developed Stage Gate framework

  • Delivered all Stage Gate materials used in Executive / Board reviews required for investment approval


New products launched in less than 12 months and projected to deliver incremental $20+ million in sales 

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